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Free Kindergarten Activities and Worksheets

Free Printable Worksheets and Other Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten
Use these free, printable worksheets to learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes and other basic skills.
You can find here letters and the alphabet flashcards, various worksheets with numbers, counting, shapes, sizes, patterns, opposites, simple addition and more...

First letter – Play online games and learn to read
First Letter Game - What's the first letter? Play this game, quess the first letter and improve reading skills...
Domino Game - Play this domino game and match first letters of the words...
Letter Chain - Last letter of the previous word becomes the first letter of the new word...
Lettern Chain Game - Prereading Activities
Alphabet Game - Prereading Activities
First Letter - Prereading Activities
First Letter Game - Prereading Activities
Free Printable Flashcards - Illustrations with corresponding words
Sight-words flash cards – picture cards used for learning and memorising things based on pictures and develop pre-reading skills such as recognizing common words by sight and sound. Flashcards helping to exercise various mental processes through active learning, continuous repetition, and enable the child to easily remember concepts, letters or numbers simply by linking them to a picture or word.
Learning Numbers and Counting
Free printable worksheets - numbers, counting elements, connect the dots, more/less, simple addition and subtraction...
Learning Colors Worksheets
Free printable worksheets for learning colors for preschool and kindergarten.
Counting colors, Coloring pages, Color by number....
More free printable
coloring pages
Learning Shapes
Free printable worksheets for learn to recognize shapes.
Count, match, connect the shapes, Tracing pages, Biggest/smallest...

Picture Analogies
Free printable worksheets  to improve visual thinking and logical reasoning skills - Picture Analogies for children - Equations from two pairs of pictures...

Other Worksheets
Anchor Charts, Opposites matching, Word search Worskheets...
Ideas for games that develop motor skills, memory, logic, creativity, attention and concentration
Fine motor skills, concentration and attention can be developed  through various exercises and games. Here are some ideas for playing at home or any other place if you have free time that you can use in a useful way.
Print the cards on a harder paper and always keep them close so that you can use them at any time. (For longevity, these cards can be laminated.)
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