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Riddles / Puzzles for kids

Fun and easy Riddles / Brain Teasers
for Kindergarten and Primary School Children

Below is a collection of fun and challenging riddles for kids. Ready to challenge your brain?
Answer the following questions (no peeking at the answers)!
I have three different eyes,
but none can't see anything.
Still, I tell drivers and walkers
when to stop or keep going.

I bring the sun in the home,
but I can't lighting at all,
and yet, when you put me on,
you can look through the wall.

On the back they are black,
on the belly they are pale,
in the spring they arrive,
in the autumn they go away.

In the wild I'm so scared and shy,
to fight or struggle I'll never try.
But in the city, for each pawn,
brave at the crossroad I am lying down.

I have little green hat,
and I live on the oak-tree.
At the autumn I fall down,
and kids like to gather me.

You have to hold me careful,
if you want to keep me.
And when you want to use me
then you have to break me.

I can fill a room
but take up no space
Look out at night
and I am in no place.

I'll show you what you show me,
when you smile, I smile back.
If you are gloomy, I am the same
but turn light off and I go blank.

I'm not tall, I'm really small,
and not especially strong.
But I carry my house on my back,
wherever I am going, all day long.

I am very tall, tall as a house,
But I'm a bit afraid of the mouse.
I have big ears and really long nose.
I know that my name every kid knows.

I have many long needles
but how to sew, I really don't know.
No matter I am small and weak,
my needles frighten every my foe.

I am always behind you,
and I always follow you.
After sunset I disappear,
At the daylight I'm back here.

When everything is quiet,
she is always here.
But say her name aloud
and she will disappear.

What can you catch,
but cannot
throw away?

What travels all across the
world but remains
in one corner?

Give me food,
I will live,
give me water,
I will die.

It belongs only to you,
but everybody else
uses it more than you do.
What is it?

It has never been,
nor will it ever be,
but is it however now.
What is this?

The more you have of it,
the less you see.
What is it?

It flies but has no wings;
it cries but has no eyes.
It is...

It has never been, but always will be.
Nobody has ever seen it and never will,
Yet everyone can't wait for me.
What am I?

If you drop it,
it will crack,
but give it a smile
and it will always smile back.

What always run, but never walk,
often murmur, never talk,
has a bed but never sleep,
has a mouth but never eat?

I am full of holes,
yet I hold water.
What am I?

Big or small,
but always soft,
it gets wetter and wetter
the more it dries.
What is it?

If you have it,
you want to share it.
If you share it,
you don't have it.
What is it?

What can you break but not touch?

It cannot be seen,
it weighs nothing,
but if you when put it into a barrel,
it makes it lighter.
What is it?

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