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Visual Perception Worksheets

Activities That Improve Focus, Concentration and Visual Attention
Visual perception refers to the ability to make sense of what is seen with our eyes. Visual perception skills are essential tools in reading, writing, and math success as well as everyday tasks such as completing puzzles, cutting, drawing, completing math problems, copying information from a board, understanding symbols, dressing as well as many other skills.
Visual perception can be broken down into different categories including the following: Form Constancy, Visual Attention, Visual Discrimination, Figure-Ground Perception, Visual Form Constancy, Visual Closure, Visual Memory, Visual Spatial Relationships. There are several overlaps between different categories of visual perception, and some activities can be used to boost more skills.

Visual Perception - Online exercise
Shapes / Shadows / Differences
Improving Form Constancy, Visual Attention, Visual Discrimination, Visual Spatial Relationships....
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