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Logic Riddles and Brain Teasers for Kids

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Soccer game
One man claims that he can guess the result of every single soccer game in the moment that it begins. How is this possible?
Dots and lines
Can you join all the dots from four lines in one move, without lifting the pencil from the paper.

Two buckets
You have 2 buckets – one of 3 litres and the other of 5 litres.
With the help of these buckets you need to measure exactly four litres of water.
In one room there are three bulbs, and in another room there are three switches. How will we find out which switch turns on which bulb, if from the switch room we cannot see the room with the bulbs and we are only allowed to go to the other room once.
Correct result
By adding one more line, can you make this result be correct?

A man is standing in front of a portrait when someone asks him: “Whose picture is that that you’re looking at?”
He answers: “I have no brothers or sisters, but the father of the man in the picture is the son of my dad.”
Whose picture was he looking at?
One man was asked how old he was, and he said: The day before yesterday I was 25, and next year I will be 28.
This is possible only one day in the year. When is he born?
Students, in geometry class, received a task in which they had to create a square from a red cross symbol with as little cuts as possible. Sonia managed to do this with only two cuts. How did she do this?

Strange calculation
1 43
+ 1 57
3 40

At first glance this calculation seems incorrect. However, this sum can be interpreted as being correct. How?

It is hard to explain
Yesterday, John got 500$ from his father and Tony got 200$ from his dad. Although, after this the two of them had, instead of 700$, only 500$ more than before. How?
A doctor in London has an attorney brother in Vienna. This attorney in Vienna does not have a brother. How is this possible?
How many?
Every child in the family has at least 3 brothers and at least 3 sisters. What is the smallest number of children in the family, adhering to the given conditions?
In the old days, peasants would frequently visit fortune tellers for help, by having them predict their future. So, one day a young married couple visited the village fortune teller for some advice. Their question was as follows: “In our dowry we received 1 cow and 1 goat. Will our herd grow and how many of them will there be?” The elderly fortune teller, in accordance with her secrecy, answered: “Your herd will grow so long while the number of goats multiplied with the number of cows will give their sum in the mirror’s reflection.”
Do you know how big, according to the fortune teller, their herd will be?
Three women arrived at the restaurant, each with her two daughters. They sat down at the table with seven chairs so that each one of them sat on her chair. How is this possible?
Nine participants who did not know each other from before attended the seminar. The trainer kindly asked them all to meet one another, shake hands and tell each other their names.
Can you calculate how many handshakes there were when they were all meeting one another personally?
Which number is 5 times bigger than the sum of all its digits?
5 workers will paint a building in 35 days. If, after 5 days of working, 20 new workers join them, how many more days will it take them to finish the job?
Last summer my niece came to visit me. Every afternoon, when it was the hottest period of the day, we would play a round of domino. For every win, the winner would get a chocolate. After we played the last round (and that evening she was leaving), we counted all the wins and losses and calculated that she owed me 14 chocolates, even though she won 9 rounds.
Can you calculate how many days my neice stayed by me?
Bicycles and tricycles
Last week, while taking a walk in the park, we saw a total of 18 bicycles and tricycles. If we counted 45 wheels in total, can you conclude from this how many tricycles were present?
The occupations of Mr Green, Mr Blake and Mr Smith are as follows: doctor, lawyer and teacher. The teacher, who is an only child, earns the least money. Mr Smith, who married Mr Green’s sister, earns more than the doctor. Can you determine who has what occupation?
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